Gynectrol Review


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  • Effective therapy for Gynecomastia
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • No Negative Side Effects
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Do you want to get rid of your man boobs? It’s a demoralizing problem. Right? Then you’re in the right place.In this comprehensive Gynectrol Review, we’ll review one of the best CrazyBulk supplements known to treat Gynecomastia effectively.

Gynecomastia affects men of all ages, but it’s prevalent in men over the age of 50. It results from the accumulation of excess fat on their chest.This condition robs men of confidence and self-esteem, even though it’s not regarded as a serious medical issue.

We understand their many products in the market that claim to get rid of chest fat, but they’re mostly anabolic steroids that cause adverse harm to your health. So, how is Gynectrol different?

To answer this question, we’ve conducted in-depth research on this product composition, how it works, and its benefits. 

We hope by the end of this article, you’ll have an idea if this product is right for you.

Gynectrol Overview

CFB Rating :-


  • Made from 100% natural ingredients
  • Easy to use
  • Effective therapy for Gynecomastia
  • No adverse negative effects
  • It’s the best option for the dangerous surgical procedure
  • It’s effective and brings fast results
  • It’s a non-stimulant thermogenic dietary supplement
  • Revives your fatty tissues and mammary glands
  • Recommended by most experts as the best fat burning supplements for man boobs.


  • Not sold in local stores; Only found on its official website
  • Most people find it a bit expensive

What Is Gynecomastia? Is it Legit?

Gynectrol, the brainchild of CrazyBulk, is among the best over-the-counter treatment for Gynecomastia

Also known as man boobs, Gynecomastia affects about 13% of the male population and nearly half of the adolescent male.

Because of its unique natural and potent ingredients, Gynectrol chest fat burner increases your quality of life and helps you regain your self-esteem once again. 

Gynectrol formula gets rid of chest fat by triggering thermogenesis and increasing your body’s metabolism rate to melt the fat tissues in your chest. 

It doesn’t stop there; it also restores hormonal imbalance to prevent the formation of fat deposits in your chest.

It’s safe for use by anyone who wishes to get rid of Gynecomastia or shed of some extra fats in the chest, abs and belly area. However, we don’t recommend it for women and minors.

You only need to take two capsules every day, 20 minutes before breakfast, for three months to get your desired result. But we suggest you take a healthy diet and work out regularly if you want to expedite the fat burning process.

This supplement is readily available on CrazyBulk official website at a discounted price of $61.99.

Continue below to see if Gynectrol is what it claims to be.

Glynectrol Ingredients

In this section, we’ve covered a brief discussion about Glynectrol ingredients. Its ingredients are 100% natural and have been uniquely combined to boost the body’s metabolism and improve testosterone levels, which helps in shedding off excess fats in the body, causing no adverse side effects.

Chromium Picolinate

We were pretty amazed to see Chromium in this steroid. Even though there’s some debate going on about its effectiveness in healthy adults. Many studies say it comprises numerous health benefits. Chromium Picolinate is a form of Chromium used in dietary supplements and improves the functioning of insulin by helping them to break down glucose (nasty sugars) in your body. Besides that, several clinical studies indicate that Chromium can decrease carbohydrate cravings. That's why it's effective at reducing weight. Also, a low concentration of Chromium can affect the Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). This is a prohormone responsible for controlling testosterone levels.

Guggulsterones (Plant Resin)

As complicated as the name might sound, this ingredient is just a compound found in guggul (Commiphora Mukul) plants. Many people say it helps to speed up the fat-burning process, and it's mostly used in bodybuilding. Guggulsterone is a little stimulant found in your thyroid gland, which assists in accelerating the body's metabolic rate as well as burning calories quickly. Various studies have also linked this compound to lower inflammation, possessing anti-oxidizing traits, and lowering cholesterol levels.


Minerals are important for our bodies, and potassium isn’t that different. Some studies conclude that high potassium consumption can reduce bloating. Potassium possesses other health benefits like regulating heart and muscle contractions as well as protecting you against osteoporosis, kidney stones, and stroke.

Theobromine Cacao

This is another ingredient that lives in cola, acai, tea, and cocoa plants. Theobromine cacao is a perfect source of arginine amino acid, and it's often used by your body for muscle development. It's also an excellent source of magnesium, which, according to research, is important for a good heart and healthy cardiovascular functioning. We found out that this ingredient contains caffeine and caffeine-related chemicals but in mild forms. Caffeine consumption not only helps in accelerating your metabolism and burning fat but also in suppressing appetite. This compound also helps in getting rid of man boobs.

Tetradium Ruticarpum

Tetradium Ruticarpum is an herbal plant usually used in Chinese Medicine. It treats many digestive problems. Additionally, it’s used to treat obesity, high blood pressure, and help in fluid retention.

Sclareolides Seed Extract

Sclareolides is a compound found in many plants, and it’s often used as a fragrance in cosmetics and weight loss supplements. It’s considered the secret formula behind Gynectrol’s effectiveness. Sclareolides is a potent adenylate cyclase activator which promotes an increase in production of from the L-Arginine. Although its effectiveness is still being determined, this ingredient is a proven thermogenic which features excellent fat-burning properties. Hence, resulting in melting of chest fats from the man boobs. It also stimulates the production of testosterone in the body.


Caffeine is another crucial ingredient in Gynectrol. Caffeine is the king of stimulant, and we consume it every day because it gives us the energy we need to make it through the day. It's found in soda, coffee, energy drinks, and in some weight loss supplements. It’s effective at boosting metabolism as well as accelerating the fat burning process in your body or lipolysis. Although it’s considered safe for most adults if used appropriately, it can be very harmful when consumed in high concentrations. Some of its side effects include vomiting, nausea, stomach irritation, insomnia, respiration problems, and others.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract has a significant history, particularly in Asia. This compound that you can normally get in your regular cup of green tea comes with a high concentration of antioxidants, alkaloids, and flavonoids. These properties make green tea so popular among weight loss supplements in the market. If that’s not enough, it contains caffeine, which provides your body with energy to get rid of excess fats naturally. Also, it comprises catechins which initiate thermogenesis- the process in which your body produces heat and melts calories. Many people believe that green tea extracts help to increase your metabolic rate, resulting in the burning of fat and the breakdown of lots of carbs faster. This means your less likely to grow man boobs. Researchers concluded that the benefits of green tea might result from the high volume of antioxidants and polyphenols, which help the blood and lowers cholesterol levels.


L-Arginine is a natural dietary supplement found in various popular foods and has an array of benefits. The benefits include improving blood circulation and boosting testosterone production. When you have better blood flow, your kidneys will remove toxins more efficiently, your immune system will improve, and your body will have higher energy levels.


CFB Rating :-

How Does Glynectrol Work?

We often associate the increase in the size of the male breast with an increase in the production of female hormone- estrogens- or reduction in male hormones- testosterone. A condition that is often known as Gynecomastia?

Gynectrol dietary supplements work against Gynecomastia by destroying the fat in the breast. It reduces the glandular tissues in the mammary gland, therefore containing the swelling.After using the supplement for some time, it reduces the male boobs and eliminates the bulging.According to Gynectrol manufacturers, it’s wise to exercise regularly and regulate daily diet to expedite the process and receive better results.

This supplement works best for those who go the extra mile to get rid of man boobs. However, it will still work for you even if you don’t exercise regularly.

A healthy diet is also important when consuming this supplement because it also helps to boost its efficiency. An unhealthy diet will inhibit the functioning of Gynectrol, resulting from increases in swelling of the chest area.

This is because of the enlargement of the glandular or fatty tissue and increases in fat deposits in male breasts. Gynectrol starts the burning of fat in your body by reducing your cortisone levels. Cortisone hormone gets produced in high amounts by your body when you’re stressed.

High cortisone levels increase your blood sugar levels and insulin. In this state, your body can easily form fat deposits in your chest area and other places in your body like your belly.

The reduction of cortisone regulates the production of insulin, which helps in sustaining the natural fat burning process. Naturally, low cortisone and insulin levels help improve testosterone production, leading to stronger and linear muscles.Also, it improves your testosterone-estrogen balance, giving you the energy you require to lose weight naturally, work out, and even build muscles.

The development of muscle is important for your body because it helps to burn unhealthy fats continuously. Large, strong, and linear muscles require lots of calories, meaning that only a small amount of calories will be available to be converted to undesirable fat tissues.

This supplement also has a thermogenic effect which forces the body to burn stored fat, converting them to energy and providing nourishment to the muscles.

Overweight and obese people, particularly those with chest fat or man boobs, rarely use the available energy.

As a result, the fat isn’t used up, and it continues to accumulate, increasing your body mass, instead of being used for nourishment.Eventually, it leads to a condition known as muscle atrophy or muscle wasting. This is the reason why overweight people usually have weak muscles.Gynectrol thermogenic effect gets your body to use the existing fats for energy and not for mass.

Also, the supplement promotes lipolysis- the breakdown of fat to release fatty acids. This encourages your body to burn excess fat for energy rather than breaking down your muscles.

Benefits of Using Glynectrol

This top-quality chest fat burner comes with impressive benefits. Here’s a list of Glynectrol supplement:

  • Restore Hormonal Imbalance
  • Lower Overall Body imbalance
  • Effective irrespective of your age
  • It’s affordable
  • It a cost-effective way to lose chest fat
  • Increases sexual satisfaction because of some of its natural ingredients
  • It poses no harm to you healthy, as it made from natural ingredients
  • It will improve your quality of life
  • Once you’ve achieved your desired results, you can stop taking the pill
  • It’s a trusted and safe formula, designed in high-end labs
  • Visible firm chest area within five weeks

The Potential Side Effects of Gynectrol

PhenQ does not contain any steroids or Phentermine, as many other weight-loss supplements do. It is these two ingredients that are most often the reason why we end up having to deal with mild to more severe side-effects. 

The long list of natural ingredients makes PhenQ both safe and effective to be used. The only downside is caffeine, being one of the ingredients found in PhenQ. If you are more sensitive to caffeine and/or consume a lot of caffeine daily, you may experience some mild side-effects, including:

  • Irritability;
  • Headaches;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Restlessness;
  • Sleep issues, etc.

Who Should Use Gynectrol

Gynectrol is specifically designed to address the male problem of Gynecomastia.

Created by CrazyBulk, this supplement contains 100% natural ingredients; hence it’s safe for use by any man with no fear or reservation.


CFB Rating :-

Based on the testimonies of customer and claims from the manufacturing company, Gynectrol is safe to use and pose no side effects.

People who can use it include:

  • Men with relaxed breast
  • Men with increased fats in breast
  • People who wish to get rid of excess fats in shoulders, abs, and chest and gain their desired body shape
  • It is also great for a person who wants to get a hormonal balance.
  • However, you need to know that you cannot get the results you desire from taking Gynectrol pills alone. 

You need to consume a healthy diet and avoid calories as much as possible. Also, you need to exercise consistently.

Who Should Refrain from Gynectrol

Gynectrol is only for use by men! In no case whatsoever should it be recommended to:

  • Minors under the age of 18
  • People who’re eager to see results within a few days
  • Individuals with chronic health problems
  • People under medication
  • People who don’t follow a regular exercise routine
  • Women with a problem of relaxation in breasts
  • Individuals with poor nutritional habits

Dosage & Tips to Start

One advantage of this supplement is that it’s very easy to use. 

For the best results, the manufacturer recommends you take two pills daily for at least 2 or 3 months.

It’s wise to take the recommended dosage and under no circumstances should you exceed because you’ll experience undesired side effects or results.

If you’re new to Gynectrol, we recommend you take one pill instead of 2 pills as recommended by the company. 

Once you’re accustomed to 1 tablet, we recommend you transition to 2 pills per day.

Take the supplements at least 20- 30 minutes before breakfast.

Since it’s in capsule form, you will not have any problem taking it anywhere. You don’t need an injection or prescription from the doctor to take this pill.

Where to Buy Gynectrol and Guarantees?


CFB Rating :-
  • Effective therapy for Gynecomastia
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • No Negative Side Effects
  • Free Worldwide Shipping

You can only purchase a Gynectrol supplement from the official CrazyBulk website.Each bottle contains 60 capsules and costs $61.99, instead of its retail price of $79.99, meaning you get to save $18.

If you purchase a bottle of Gynectrol, you receive another one bottle for free. This package will be enough to cover you for three months and will cost $123.98 instead of $239.97; hence you end saving $115.99.

Conclusion: Should you buy Gynectrol?

Gynectrol is a legit product that’s effective at reducing chest fat and balancing hormones. From our research, we found out that many customers love it, so you can use it without having to worry about any side effects.

We recommend you try this product if you have been searching for a safe and effective treatment for your man boobs. It easily available at CrazyBulk’s official website, and you don’t require any prescription.

However, it’s wise to consult your doctor before trying this product, especially if you’re suffering from a chronic medical condition.

Thank you for your time.