Testogen Review: Does This Supplement Increases T-Levels by 45%?


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Low testosterone is a common problem in men. About five million men in the United States have hypogonadism. This means these men are at risk of a decrease in strength. They may also experience problems in the bedroom – think erectile dysfunction and low libido. 

Men have options that they can use to boost their testosterone. Testosterone replacement therapy is sometimes used. It does, however, cause side-effects. Testogen is an excellent alternative to pharmaceutical interventions for low testosterone. This is a natural alternative, which means it does not use pharmaceutical chemicals. 

We take a look at what Testogen is and the benefits that the supplement has to offer. We also look at the ingredients and consider whether there are any potential side-effects that may occur.

TestoGen Review: Product Summary

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  • The main benefits of the Testogen supplement are the fact that the brand has performed scientific studies to produce a formula that is highly effective. Many of the testosterone booster supplements on the market fail to provide effective results today.
  • The supplement helps to stimulate muscle growth. This means developing lean muscle mass becomes easier for men who frequently work out. Muscle and physical strength also increase. 
  • The user should find that their libido is stimulated when they continuously use the supplement. In turn, this would result in a higher sex drive. 
  • When testosterone levels increase and stimulate libido, a lot of men find that their erectile function improves too. 
  • The supplement also helps with shedding. This means men with high body fat levels are able to experience a reduction in fat. 
  • There is a 100-day money-back guarantee that comes with the purchase of the Testogen supplement. This gives people a chance to get their money back if the customer does not feel that the supplement is helping them.


  • For most people, the major problem with the supplement is a somewhat high price tag when only buying a single bottle at a time. There are a lot of men who want to try the supplement out before they make a bigger investment. This means buying a single bottle becomes essential – but this also comes at a higher price. 
  • Additionally, there are a few potential interactions that may happen when a man takes the supplement with certain pharmaceutical drugs. This can lead to unpleasant complications. Thus, it is important that people look at the ingredients and consider possible interactions that may occur. Speaking with a doctor can help. The person will need to provide the doctor with a list of drugs they use, as well as the ingredients found in this supplement. 

What is Testogen? Is It Legit?

Testogen is a product that is well-known tom increase* the testosterone levels in your body. This nutritional supplement has natural ingredients that work perfectly together for you to realize positive results without causing side effects. It provides a wide range of health benefits to your body to ensure that you lead a healthy life.

It is meant to increase your strength, minimize body fat, and help you achieve lean body muscles. The product boosts stamina, libido, improve your motivation levels and mental performance to ensure that you achieve maximum pleasure during sexual intercourse. It claims that you will notice its results after a few weeks of regular use as per the instructions provided.

The natural ingredients that work together in this product help you by making sure you have a great healthy lifestyle.  When you take this product, you’ll feel overwhelmed with energy and motivation to work towards the things you want most in life.  If you want to have a better sex life or another hour at the gym before you get winded, this is the best product you could possibly buy.  You’ll even be able to see results extremely quickly in only a few weeks of taking this product as instructed.

Testogen Ingredients

When looking at a supplement like this one, considering the ingredients found inside is always important. The list of ingredients, along with their individual doses, can help a person understand if the product will be effective – or rather simply make them waste their own money. 

The great thing about Testogen is the brand’s transparency. A full list of the ingredients found in the supplement is available on the company’s official website. This gives the customer an idea of what they should expect. 

The official Testogen website also shares a full list of scientific studies that they used to determine which ingredients should form part of the product’s formula.

Below is a list of the ingredients included in the Testogen formula:

D-Aspartic Acid

This is a regulator for amino acids. It is essential in the production of hormones in the male body. D-Aspartic acid plays a role in luteinizing hormone production. The hormone, in turn, has an effect on how much testosterone the body makes. It may also help to increase physical strength. Some people experience an increase in stamina with D-Aspartic acid too. In one study, 23 men were provided a daily supplement that contained D-aspartate. The results were compared to a placebo group. There was an increase in the accumulation of testosterone and luteinizing hormone in the body tissue of men who took the supplement. The results were observed in only 12 days of use.

Fenugreek Extract

Testogen contains a 4:1 extract of Fenugreek. This is another testosterone-boosting ingredient that is often used for its ability to improve physical and athletic performance among men. The fenugreek seed extract is also known for its potency when boosting strength and vitality. A lot of men report an improvement in their stamina when they use fenugreek seed supplements as well. In one study, participants were provided a 600mg daily dose of fenugreek seed extract. A placebo group was also used in the study. Improvements were observed in testosterone levels among the men in the Fenugreek group. There was also an increase in libido. The men in the study also reported improvements in their orgasms. This study showed that Fenugreek does not only help the body make more testosterone. It is also useful for optimizing a man's performance during sex.


This is an essential mineral that the body needs on a daily basis. It has been found to play a role in the production of testosterone. Magnesium has also been shown to help improve sleep. Poor sleep is linked to lower testosterone levels in men.

Vitamin D3

Many people are deficient in vitamin D. By optimizing levels of this vitamin, the supplement helps to ensure the functions in the body that rely on this vitamin can work as they should. Vitamin D deficiency may adversely affect testosterone production in the body. The specific form of vitamin D3 in Testogen may also help to increase levels of free testosterone.

Nettle Leaf Extract

The supplement contains a 4:1 extract of nettle leaf. This is also called stinging nettle. It is known to reduce the binding of testosterone to SHGB, a type of protein that may reduce levels of free testosterone in the body. By blocking this action, nettle leaf extract may help to elevate free testosterone in a person's bloodstream.

Korean Red Ginseng

This is another high potency 4:1 extract. Korean red ginseng is known as a powerful herb and has been used in Chinese medicine since ancient times. It is a great aphrodisiac plant. This means it may help to boost a person's libido. Korean red ginseng also helps to provide a general improvement in both physical and mental health.


Another important ingredient in Testogen is the BioPerine. This is a black pepper extract. It contains a natural chemical that has been shown to provide a significant increase in the absorption rate of natural herbs and plant extracts. In turn, it means the Testogen formula is able to provide more effective and faster results.


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How Does Testogen Work?

Understanding how a supplement works are important too. When a man knows how the supplement will interact in their body, they know what they should expect. It also helps the person see whether the supplement would target the specific issues that they are facing. 

There are a few ways in which Testogen works – this allows the supplement to offer the person a wider range of benefits when they decide to take a daily dose of the product. 

The main goal of the Testogen is to help men experience an increase in testosterone levels. The supplement does not introduce a synthetic type of hormone to the body. This means it does not work the same as testosterone replacement therapy. 

Instead, the supplement contains natural ingredients. These ingredients do not contain actual testosterone or any other type of hormone. Instead, they contain natural chemicals that are known to help the body make more of this hormone. 

Some of the ingredients stimulate the production of luteinizing hormones. This hormone is involved in the production of testosterone. When luteinizing hormone levels increase, so may testosterone levels too. 

There are a few ingredients that also focus on helping to reduce the binding of testosterone to certain proteins in the body when testosterone binds to these proteins, the level of free testosterone in a man’s body declines. 

Free testosterone is important. These are the hormones that tissues in the body can actually use for specific actions – such as to help a man experience a higher libido or to build muscle mass faster. 

A few ingredients in Testogen also focus on producing additional benefits. This includes increasing the man’s energy levels and giving him a higher level of stamina. 

How To Use Testogen? What Is The Dosage?

Taking Testogen is convenient and easy – as the user simply needs to take a few of the capsules every day. A person does have to take a relatively high dose of the supplement to experience real benefits. It is recommended to take four capsules each day. Four capsules are a single serving. 

The capsules should be taken early in the morning, preferably before the user eats breakfast. 

It is also important to note that Testogen should be taken in windows. The person should take the supplement for a period of two months. After this period, they should stop using it for about one and a half weeks. The man can then start to use the supplement again. 

Testogen Side-Effects

While side-effects are not listed on the official Testogen website, it is important to note that some natural extracts are known to cause adverse effects. 

People who take medication for diabetes need to be careful. The addition of fenugreek seed extract may cause a reduction in blood sugar levels. Combined with anti-diabetic medication, there is a risk of experiencing hypoglycemia.

Some people may also experience mild stomach upset when they first start using the supplement. The side-effect should start to fade after a few days of use.

TestoGen Reviews by Their Customers


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There are quite a few testimonies that can be found on the official Testogen website. This gives men interested in the supplement a better idea of what it has done for other people. Taking a look at these reviews, we find that Testogen does seem to help men. 

Most men who have used the supplement claim that it provides benefits in the gym, in their daily lives, and even in the bedroom.

Where to Buy & What's the Refund Policy?


CFB Rating :-
  • Best Testosterone Supplement
  • Improved Muscle Growth and Strength
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Testogen is only available on the product’s official website. The supplement cannot be purchased at third-party stores. The official brand also sells the product on Amazon. 

The product is available to international clients when placing an order on the Testogen website. There are no additional costs for shipping added to the order. 

Customers should also take note that a refund policy is available for people who are interested in the supplement. There is a 100-day money-back guarantee. The customer is provided an opportunity to use the supplement during this time. If the man is not happy with the results they get, they will be given a full refund on the purchase – minus any shipping charges that Testogen had to pay to deliver the product to the customer’s delivery address.

Conclusion: Should You Buy TestoGen Supplement?

Testogen is a high-quality and all-natural supplement that is promoted as a testosterone booster. While the main function of the Testogen is to help men experience an increase in testosterone, the supplement also comes with additional benefits. It is a highly rated supplement with most reviews stating that it works sufficiently. While pricing may be a little high when buying a single bottle of the supplement, a person can save a lot of money by opting for one of the packages.