Foods that Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally

This will be one of those “yummy” articles. Same as always, I will throw useful information right at you, and the same as always, they will all be natural. All that you need to do is kick back, read carefully, and adjust your lifestyle as much as you possibly can. 

So, our main focus will be boosting testosterone using testosterone boosting foods. But do you know what testosterone is? 

Testosterone is a hormone both males and females have! The reason why people think that only men have it is that it is produced from testicles; therefore, it is called a male hormone. And yes, men do have larger amounts of it in their systems; however, they also have estrogen, which is a women hormone. 

Testosterone regulates many important body functions, such as muscle development and muscle growth, bone density, sex organs maturation, etc. 

So, with this basic knowledge, we can go further with the article. 

First of all, I would like to bust down some myths and answer some questions regarding testosterone boosting diet, right at the beginning. 

List of Testosterone Boosting Foods ​

And now to the main dessert. See what I did there? 

This is the part where you will both learn something important and get hungry at the same time. This is the testosterone boosting foods list

You have already learned about one – bananas. Now let’s check the main list. 

#1. Oysters


Oysters are currently one of the most popular foods that people eat. Little do they know that they are actually doing themselves a favor. Oysters are very rich in zinc. Zinc is a crucial ingredient for muscle growth, endurance, oh, and sperm production. On top of that, zinc is a great wound healer as it speeds up the process. 

Some studies have also found a relationship between zinc and testosterone. When your zinc levels are low, you may also find that you have less testosterone. Increasing zinc intake when you have a deficiency may help to boost your testosterone.

#2. Garlic


Garlic has a diallyl disulfide chemical inside it. I know that that name doesn’t ring a bell, so here’s the explanation part – Diallyl disulfide is a chemical that helps with the creation of hormones, which actually stimulate the production of testosterone. 

To be more specific, garlic has the ability to alter hormones that are linked to a process in the body called protein anabolism. One of the most critical hormones in the process is testicular testosterone. With this in mind, taking garlic may help your testes make more of this particular hormone.

#3. Nuts


Besides the fact that they are absolutely delicious, they are also a fantastic add-on to your testosterone boosting diet. You can use them instead of junk food that you call “snacks.” Peanuts, Brazil nuts, walnuts, just any type of nuts will help you with your testosterone increase.

There are different ways in which nuts can be helpful if you have low testosterone. The zinc content in some nuts, helps if you have a deficiency in zinc minerals. This would also help to improve the quality of the sperm your body makes. Nuts also offer healthy fats, another important factor in the production of hormones in your body. 

#4. Vegetables


The greener you eat, the meaner you get. Seriously, vegetables lower estrogen levels (jump to the beginning of the article to check what estrogen is), which directly means that they increase testosterone. 

Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower are the best ones out of the bunch to choose from. 

Each veggie comes with its own benefits. For example, spinach and kale are both packed with zinc. Again, this is an important hormone if you want to maintain healthy testosterone levels. These plants also contain other vitamins and minerals that affect your endocrine system.

#5. Eggs


Everyone loves eggs! Guess what? You don’t have to give up on them yet!

Eggs are an excellent way of increasing testosterone. On top of that, they are a fantastic source of protein. One egg has nearly 6 grams of proteins in it, so if you are trying to build those muscles, this is a win-win combination as it increases testosterone and gives you protein. Both of those two benefits are crucial in the world of building muscle. 

#6. Red Meat

Red Meat

Red meat and oysters are definitely on top when it comes to the levels of zinc located inside of them. Red meat is easy to be absorbed and helps you boost your testosterone levels.

#7. Fish Oil

Fish Oil

Fish is a well-known health booster. It is rich with Omega 3, which our body depends on but can’t produce by itself. That’s why we must take it from the outside – from fish. 

Not only is fish a good source of Omega 3 and protein, but it also represents a fantastic way to boost your testosterone. Another food that is definitely a win-win in the bodybuilding world. 

#8. Poultry


Poultry is rich with zinc, just like red meat and oysters. Basically, all that has been said there applies to poultry as well. It should be noted, however, that the level of zinc and certain nutrients, such as vitamin B12, are generally richer in red meat products. Thus, red meat should ideally also form an important part of your diet. 

#9. Coffee


Coffee is an excellent source of antioxidants, as long as you don’t go over the limit. Having two cups a day will be just fine. 

Coffee is the best source of caffeine, which boosts you up, giving you energy and also better testosterone production. 

Caffeine should ideally be taken before you work out. This helps to reduce the chance that you are going to experience fatigue. In turn, your exercise performance will be raised. In turn, you may find that lifting those heavy weights is a little easier. When you lift more weights, your testosterone levels start to increase.

#10. Raisins


Raisins are another important ingredient you must add to your testosterone boosting foods list. They are rich with antioxidants and also contain lots of boron, which is proven to be a good testosterone booster.

#11. Ginger


Ginger contains gingerol, which has an anti-inflammatory function. This may help to reduce the impact of some inflammatory conditions on your body’s natural testosterone production abilities. There are some studies that have also shown that ginger might help increase testosterone – these studies are currently limited to infertile men only, however. Still, the potential of ginger as a testosterone booster has been shown and should be considered.

#12. Yogurt


Yogurt is another delicious ingredient to add to your list, which is a good protein source and a good testosterone booster. Some types of yogurt are also rich sources of zinc – adding multiple sources of zinc to your diet helps to ensure you do not suffer from a zinc deficiency.

#13. Blue Cheese

Blue cheese

Blue cheese has almost the same characteristics as yogurt does; therefore, it is also considered to boost testosterone.

#14. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil

Health has never tasted better with this one.

#15. Organic Bacon

Organic Bacon

Organic bacon is rich with saturated fats that boost testosterone.

#16. Avocados


Although they have a little bit higher concentration of fat, they are also a good way to make your testosterone levels jump a bit (rich with vitamin B6). Studies have shown that healthy fats are important for improving hormone production. It helps to contribute to a healthier endocrine system, which assists in elevating the number of testosterone hormones that your body makes.

#17. Celery


And last but not least – celery. Celery is rich with hormones that stimulate testosterone production. It may not be as tasteful as other foods from this list, but hey, if it does the job, I don’t mind.

#18. Bananas


So, this one is pretty frequent, especially in the world of bodybuilding. As you may know, bananas are a pretty good and important source of B vitamins, carbohydrates, and energy. You absolutely need bananas, and everyone eats them! On top of that, they are delicious.

So do they harm your testosterone levels? Absolutely not! As a matter of fact, they increase it. Bananas are rich with the enzyme bromelain, which actually increases a man’s libido. 

Your favorite fruit is safe! 


This was a food boost testosterone level guide. I made sure to put everything there so that you can understand the principles of it. The rest is up to you. Make a diet plan, put some food in, throw some food out. 

Testosterone boosting foods are out there, recognize them from this list, put them to your list, and go with it! Once you get the hang of it, you will not only see the benefits, but you will feel them as well. Your body will be grateful for this testosterone boosting diet, and it will repay you with some health and with some muscle mass (if you are working out, that is).

Testosterone boosting has never been easier with a correct, strict, but healthy, natural food diet. All that I can say now is – enjoy your good!